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Mature Escorts London

Mature London Escort

Yep, that’s it, that’s the money shot! ‘Mature Escorts London’ gets nearly 10,000 searches a MONTH. And if you’ve read my website before, you will notice that the word ‘mature’ has suddenly cropped up all over it in the last 24 hours. That’s because last night, on a sweltering July evening when I couldn’t sleep because even my eyeballs were sweating, I went through and optimised my website (hopefully) for the search term mature london escort.

We live in a society that tends to value youth very highly, and it was kind of alien to me to start changing all my descriptors to suggest I was older. I mean, I am only 40 – it’s hardly one foot in the grave, is it? 4291.

But actually when we think about porn, which is littered with references to teens, we soon realise that mature is really a word for any lady that is older and less submissive. According to Wikipedia, the ‘mature’ category of pornography starts at age 30, and this seems to tie in with the MILF category too. It is my somewhat qualified opinion that men who search for mature escorts, like a lady who takes charge.

Of course I don’t mean that they want to be whipped and pegged to within an inch of their life! The desire to be lead in the bedroom can be far more subtle than that. It can be as simple as the flirting at the bar, the hand on the knee, the feeling that you are in the company of an absolute cougar who is going to ravish you back in the room. Or maybe it’s the feeling of the silk around your wrists as she ties you to the bed before having her wicked way with you. But the desire to be taken charge of is always there, and i’d bet that nine times out of ten, that’s the motivation for the ‘mature’ search.

So, gents who are looking for a mature escort in London – welcome to my website. As it turns out, you are just the type of guy I want to meet. Because you’re searching for more than just a pretty face and gravity defying tits (I have both by the way), you’re looking for the wisdom, intelligence and good conversation that comes with dating an escort of slightly more advanced years. Most of all though, you are seeking her confidence…and I have that in bucket loads.

Last night, as I went through my website tweaking terms and repeatedly typing mature and MILF, I came to appreciate the fact that I was now in this bracket of women. Due to other business ventures, I don’t have a great deal of time for Amanda meets each month, so it’s important to me that they are fulfilling. I am hoping by tweaking my website in this way, they will be.

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