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The Headmistress & The Schoolgirl

Naughty schoolgirl taking a caning

This is an adult role-play scenario, exploring various power dynamics. For the purposes of this scenario, Emily Cole is playing an A-level student of age 18.

You settle yourself into a chair in the corner of the room to watch the scene unfold as I shout ‘enter!’ at the top of my voice.

The door opens and in shuffles Emily Cole, a thoroughly naughty and insolent girl who finds herself in front of headmistress for the THIRD time this year. She stands, head bowed, hands clasped together in front of her grey pinafore dress. Her dark pigtails hang over her shoulders, and her long white socks reach all the way up her thighs.

‘Emily Cole’ I begin ‘I am very VERY disappointed to see you again so soon.’ My voice is firm and unwavering, my gaze is fixed on the schoolgirl. Emily does not look up.

‘Sorry Headmistress’ she mutters.

Sitting with my legs crossed, in a tight fitted skirt and black seamed stockings, I gesture my hand towards you. ‘Mr Smith here tells me you behaved appallingly in his class earlier today. Fighting with Tommy Evans, no less! Behaving like a little brute. So unladylike.’

‘Sorry Headmistress’ Emily mutters again, still staring at her feet.

‘Emily Cole this is a prestigious school for young ladies with exceptional manners. We do not teach thugs in this establishment and never shall we!’ I bark.

I stand to my feet and tower above the teenager in my stiletto heels. ‘Pull down your knickers Emily Cole and bend over my desk’.

The unruly girl knows what’s coming. This isn’t the first time she has felt my cane and it won’t be the last.

Emily does as instructed, pulling down her white panties, lifting her pinafore dress up to her waist and exposing her bare bottom and pussy lips while leaning over the desk.

You continue to watch silently from the corner of the room as I cane Emily’s bottom. Gently at first, but each thwack harder than the last. ‘Thank you Headmistress!’ she shouts through gritted teeth with each stroke – she knows the procedure well by now.

With every wince and welp Emily makes, with every clenching of her fists against the desk, your dick gets harder.

Ten lashings later I put my cane down. ‘Emily Cole – how do you propose to make it up to Mr Smith? You disrupted his class today. How are you going to show him you are really, truly sorry and that it won’t happen again?’

I turn to you in the corner. ‘Mr Smith, do you have any ideas?’

You rise to your feet and stand by my side. ‘On your knees, Emily Cole’ you tell the teenager, and she does as instructed, kneeling in front of you, her bottom still burning from the cane.

‘Open your mouth’ you continue as you undo your fly, removing your rock hard cock from your trousers and sliding it into the schoolgirl’s mouth. Her eyes widen as you push the entire length of your shaft down her throat and begin thrusting.

I sit back in my chair, legs crossed, and watch you dish out your punishment to Emily Cole. Part of me wonders if the girl is actually enjoying this, because she seems to be eagerly guzzling on your cock in ways I wasn’t quite expecting.

Your orgasm is loud and shuddering. You hold her head in place as you fill her mouth full of your cum.

Job done, and with your semen dribbling down her chin, I instruct Emily to get back to class.

She stands to her feet, pulls up her knickers and runs to the door. Has she learned her lesson? Time will tell.


The consensual adult role-play scenario above was enacted during a recent duo booking involving Amanda Jones, Emily Cole and their client.

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