Dating Amanda Jones

in Central London & elsewhere

I like to keep my address book small and my enthusiasm large. I opt for longer dates only and, without sounding too much like a diva (though please note that Joan Collins is a heroine of mine), I expect my dates to be cerebral as well as physical. No pressure though; because depending on where you are staying in London I can make suggestions and of course help with plans.

I am happy to travel outside of London and the following areas can be covered for the minimum fee of £800: Birmingham & Midlands, Oxford & Home Counties, Bristol & South West (excluding Devon & Cornwall), Reading & South East (excluding Essex, Sussex and Kent). All other areas of the UK, including those excluded in last, are covered for an overnight booking only.

Do I travel outside the UK? Let's meet in London first, and if we like each other, well then the World is our oyster.


Up to 4 hours:

Think of this as our getting to know you meeting. The one where we discover we're kinkster soul mates, and how did our paths never cross before?

As already mentioned, I do prefer lunchtime or afternoon meets for these shorter dates if you can manage it.

I am of course happy to meet you for less than 4 hours - I realise you may be pushed for time - but £800 is my minimum fee for physical meets.


6 Hours:

Plenty of time to take in some sights, savour good food and enjoy some fulfilling and enriching private time too.


12 Hours (Day Date):

A whole day together e.g. 10am-10pm. The perfect blend of culture, catering and kink! A trip to London you will remember forever and a day.


14 Hours (Overnight):

A night of eroticism, of pleasure and pain, of new sensations, a night of submission and forging bonds.

Please ensure your hotel serves fabulous morning coffee :-)


24 Hours

An unforgettable twenty four hours exploring the city and exploring your kinks. Twenty four hours playing with your dominant girlfriend, or at the mercy of your Mistress, and all other worries will wash away.


Virtual Services
Coming Soon

I am a keen and experienced phone sex operator, and will at some point before the end of August 2020 update this website with additional services available to those gents who cannot meet in person, or who would like to spend some time getting to know me before a physical meet. Watch this space.


A Small Note on Etiquette

All common sense but for the avoidance of any doubt: please expect to be screened prior to our first meet and to pay a deposit via cash or bank transfer. The balance is then payable in cash upon my arrival. No drugs please and always ensure your hygiene is completely impeccable.

I have a number of high profile, returning clients and you can always be assured of my total discretion and non-judgemental attitude. I am here to enrich your life, not complicate it.

Thank you for your understanding of my terms and I hope to hear from you soon. Amanda.