Cheltenham Mistress & Dominatrix: Amanda Jones

Meeting This Cheltenham Mistress

I absolutely adore the town of Cheltenham, the Cotswolds and the Gloucestershire countryside. Do I visit the area for outcalls? Indeed I do! And I can visit you at your home or hotel. If you've read over my website, you'll realise that I am a Mistress, Dominatrix or 'femdom escort' in Cheltenham, suitable for gents with a submissive side. Your submission does not have to extreme, but the desire to serve an Alpha Female like me does need to be there. We will chat prior to meeting to discover exactly what it is is you are looking for, and how best you can serve me. With that in mind, you need to plan our meeting plenty in advance - we are not going to arrange anything at short notice. If you are staying in a Cheltenham hotel such as the Du VIn, the Malmaison, the Queens hotel or another venue in the town, I can visit you for an outcall. I can also visit you at your hotel in Gloucester, Cirencester, Stroud, Tewkesbury or the small, quaint villages of the North Cotswolds. I will also visit you at your home address. Do read over my website fully before getting in touch, starting here.

More About Being a Dominatrix & Mistress in Cheltenham

Can I let you into a little secret? I went to school in Cheltenham. I won't tell you which school, that would be silly. But I will say it is a very prestigious school with a strong emphasis on churning out super-intelligent, driven, Alpha Females like me. Consequently I know the town very well, and I love to visit. Tell me, what is your perversion or kink? Because you will need one to meet with me. Do you want to be dressed up in frilly knickers and a bra, before being ordered to suck on my strap on. Perhaps you want to go over my knee, for some harsh discipline from Mommy. You may be OBSESSED with my perfect, firm, big round bottom. That's OK, many men are. And I will plant it firmly on your face until you just can't take it any more. Maybe you want to be my footstool or even my toilet? I am an experienced Mistress with a number of specialities. My best speciality, of course, is being a cruel and sadistic bitch to pathetic little worms like you.

I don't need to tell you about the history of Cheltenham I am sure, but I am going to have to, since I want this page to do well in Google. Cheltenham was really a nothing town - a monastery and a few cows, sheep and pigs - until freshwater springs were found in the area. The party animals of the Georgian era absolutely LOVED springs, thinking the water cured all sorts of ailments from which they all suffered. As more and more people flocked to the area to 'take in' the water of the town, so it grew, and the architecture in the Montpellier district of the town is typically Georgian in its construction. It's a very beautiful place to live and work, made that much better by having the rolling hills of the Cotswolds on your doorstep.

The Cotswolds of Gloucestershire and surrounding counties have to be one of the most beautiful areas of England- and that's up against some stiff competition! Particularly favourites of mine are Broadway, Bourton on the Water, the Cathedral area of Gloucester City, Tewkesbury Abbey and the pretty villages around Stroud in South Gloucestershire. Boutique spa hotels abound in this county, and Mistress is always pleased to join you in one for a weekend of relaxation and kink. The first step in arranging a meeting with me, is to read my website thoroughly, starting here. You then get in touch with me via one of my phone services.

Will you do a GFE meeting?

I do not offer these - it's not something that suits my personality at all. However, I do know lots of lovely ladies who do! Head on over to the Indie Collective Cheltenham Escorts page to meet some of my friends offering sublime independent escort services in the area. Do also consider checking out Carrie Carter in Cheltenham.