Beware of Twitter & OnlyFans

An Update: For Those Trying to Reach Me
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Beware of Twitter & OnlyFans

Mistress Amanda Jones on Twitter and OnlyFans

Hello gents,

A few days ago it was brought to my attention that there is a Mistress Amanda Jones ‘impersonator’ on Twitter. This happens quite a lot to Dommes, so I thought i’d better put a notice up here.

The ONLY genuine Twitter account for me is

Anyone using my images elsewhere on twitter is a scammer.

Furthermore, I do not have an OnlyFans account. Anyone using my name or images on OnlyFans or other PPV services is a scammer.

Know that if you converse with these fake accounts, or send them money, you are bankrolling and wanking to a 6.4ft man from Scunthorpe called Wayne.

You’d think I could get this shit taken down really easily on Twitter. After all, you only have to look at someone the wrong way on there to get your account suspended. But alas, no, when it comes to SWs, Twitter are no help.

I repeat again: the ONLY genuine Twitter account for me is

Fingers crossed ‘Wayne from Scunthorpe’ will get hit by a bus soon and die in agony. Until then, please stay vigilant and do report any accounts you find claiming to be me to Twitter, to ignore.


Amanda xx

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