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An Update: For Those Trying to Reach Me

Hello chaps,

Normally I write filth in here, but I thought I had actually better write something about the current situ, since so many of you are trying to reach me to no avail.

I am lying low during this winter Covid resurgence for several reasons. Firstly, earlier in the year I was very poorly indeed with what started as a cough and turned into lung damage that saw me hospitalised. In retrospect, it probably WAS Covid, but tests weren’t available and it wasn’t believed to be in the UK at that time. My doctor now thinks it was Covid, and so do I. It was awful and hung around for months; I don’t want it again as one of my lungs has not yet fully recovered.

The other hindrance for my Domme work is that I am setting up a ‘straight’ business at the moment which is diverting a lot of my energy, but it’s an important long-term goal of mine and it needs prioritising.

This is not permanent. I hope to resume chatting early in the New Year and physical meets in the spring when the weather warms and the risk of infection reduces. As soon as I can get vaccinated, I will.

My phone is on because I chat daily to the other Indie Collective ladies, but I am not responding to any client messages currently. Which leads me to my next point, if you’re looking for a meet then check out Indie Collective, a few of the ladies there are experienced with Domme work including Emily Cole, Madeleine-Rose and Lottie Parker.

I can’t wait to get back to humiliating, spanking and pegging you senseless. Until then, my dear friends and benefactors, stay safe.

Amanda Jones xx

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